The one mile super jump!

Back in 1976, car stunts were much more dangerous than they are today. Back then, they had limited formulas and lacked the aid of computer simulation technology. The old days of car stunts were much different than today. Today we have the aid of ample safety technology, unique camera equipment, and computer graphics. Not everything you see today is real, even though it may be portrayed as factual. Today's stunt jockey lacks the edge that the early stuntmen craved. Car stunts used to be extremely dangerous compared to the easy stunts we have today.

First, let's compare what is modernly considered a decent jump distance. Travis Pastrana cleared 250 feet for the longest rally car jump every. Before him, it was Ken Block at 170 feet. That is nothing compared to the $1m+ project taken on by Kenny Powers. A one mile jump with a Lincoln jet car across the mile wide St. Lawrence river. Even though the jump failed, we have to admire his ability to stare death straight in the eye and laugh. Face it, you're not really jumping a car unless you have wings and jet powered propulsion.

Even though today's stunts seem grand, most of it is just commercial hype generated by sponsors. Take a look at the next stunt video you watch and see if your actually impressed by the driving or the glamorous promotion through out the entire clip. Sometimes, it is hard to see the forest from the trees! It's fun to take a step back in time and visit a much more crazier, fearless stunt era.

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