Saudi Arabia's richest go street racing!

Street racing is more than just an American problem, it's also a problem around the world. This "problem" can be found at nearly any corner of the world where two cars meet. Depending on how the traffic reacts around the street race determines the danger level. In Saudi Arabia during street races, traffic stays completely to the right of the road as to say, "we know you are street racing, we'll stay out of your way". This doesn't exactly make it safe but it does increase the safety of everyone involved. The following clip shows a group of avid street racers in Saudi Arabia that push the limits down this public road. Reaching speeds in excess of 160 miles per hour, these guys are borderline insane.

A massive array of heavily modified performance vehicles create the street racing gang known as "Venom". Not much is known about this group, but they do have some really nice cars, and a long list of them. All vehicles involved are pushing major horsepower. The vehicles making up "Venom" include a 2000 Corvette with 411 whp, 470 whp twin turbo Nissan 350z, Lumina SS with 405 whp, Evo 9 with GT35 and cam, R34 Skyline with 500 whp, a C5 Z06 with 450 whp, Suzuki GSX-R 750, Nissan GTR R35 with HKS 570 package, Porsche 997, Lamborghini Murcielago, a couple of stock Corvettes both C5 and C6, 396 ci 2000 Camaro SS, and the biggest and fastest of all the street racers; a Dodge Viper ACR with 920 horsepower! This is by far the largest street racing group in Saudi Arabia today.

Street racing is illegal and dangerous, but watching the videos produced can be entertaining and informative. We get a chance to see what modifications produce with certain vehicles. Obviously, boosting is the best way to go. If you're not boosted, don't even waste your time trying to run with Venom. This is also evidence of Saudi Arabia's will to succeed in the automotive performance world. Jeddah, is the capital of Saudi Arabia's automotive scene. Read more about Jeddah here. For now, enjoy the following clip as we examine Saudi Arabia's street racing scene!

Video content: Saudi Arabia street racing

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