Polski Fiat 125P jump FAIL!

In the vast farmlands of Germany, it tends to get a bit boring around the cold farm. There's only so much you can do, so why not jump Grandpa's old Polski Fiat 125P? These cars aren't worth much, and the thrill of sending one into the air has much more value than just letting them sit. Even though this amateur clip is very bad quality, we still get to see what it's like to fly a Polski! What is a Polski Fiat 125P you may be wondering? The Polski Fiat 145P is a simplified version of the Fiat 125 but made in Poland. Although it may not look or sound like much it had an incredibly reliable engine and drivetrain. The chassis left much to be desired due to a large demand to keep prices down which led to a cheap and very rusty exterior.

How was the Polish Fiat 125 different than the Italian Fiat 125? Aside from the additional badging of "Polski", the two cars were similar yet different. The two front headlight housings of the Italian version were square, while the Polish version featured round housings. Also, the fuel tank of the Polish version was much safer than the Italian version. The Italian version came with a vertical fuel tank on the right-hand rear side of the vehicle, while the Polish version featured a flat tank just above the rear axle. Beyond fuel and appearance, the handling of the Polish version was considerably better thanks to four wheel disc brakes and covers to deflect the muddy terrain commonly traveled in Poland. Great car, maybe; good for jumping? Definitely not!

Video content: Polski Fiat 125P jump FAIL!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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