C5 Corvette tows trailer!

When one thinks of a Corvette it's not typically considered as a vehicle used for hauling. It has plenty of horsepower for high speed towing, and endless low end torque to get the cargo moving. If one had to choose a sports car for towing, the Corvette would actually be ideal. Not just the power and weight help this little tugboat along, but the fact it has a rear positioned transmission. Keeping all the hardware in the rear puts more weight over the working tires and more energy near the mass cargo. Sure the Corvette can't haul a yacht, but I'd be willing to say it could pull a very large boat if required. Discuss this article with CarDomain.com

According to Vetteweb.com, the C5 seen below can safely tow 2,000 to 2,500 pounds on a non-regular basis and be okay. That's quite a bit of weight considering the C5 itself only weighs 3,200 pounds. If you modified the rear suspension and added a custom hitch, I wouldn't be surprised to see a Corvette comfortable  pull upwards of 5,000 pounds mainly because it has plenty of power and a low center of gravity. I wouldn't go pushing it up any wet boat ramps, but it's safe to say your standard late model Corvette with a normal bolt on tow hitch can adequately pull cargo up to 2,500 pounds. I'll leave you with this; just because it can, doesn't mean it should.

Video content: C5 Corvette tows trailer!

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