Volkswagen Beetle trike motorcycle car

This is one of the most rare vehicles I've seen in Florida, but it appears to be a trend. I know of a local shop around where I live that makes these motorcycle cars. I wonder if they were responsible for this Volkswagen Beetle motorcycle car? Whoever made it, did a good job. It was quick on the road and appeared to ride quite smoothly. Equipped with seating for rear passengers, the Volkswagen Beetle motorcycle conversion is as comforting as unique. With an open air cab, the passenger and driver appear to get quite an exciting experience. Discuss this article with

Assembling a vehicle like this wouldn't be that hard if you have some skill with metal fabrication and the right tools. Custom welding the motorcycle frame to the bug and keeping it straight would be the hardest, but it seems the setup below manages just fine. With the steering provided by the front wheel only, this vehicle will suffer from the Mr. Bean ailment of tipping over. One would have to be careful driving a vehicle like this, one wrong move and you're spilled beans! A very creative contribution to the world of custom fabricated vehicles, enjoy the following Volkswagen Beetle motorcycle car footage.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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