Fail: Bugatti Veyron replica

Based on the history of replica vehicles, it's only a matter of time before a hacked Bugatti Veyron replica showed up. Back in the day people would take a Fiero and make it a Ferrari, a Toyota MR2 and convert it to a Lamborghini, and even a Volkswagen Beetle into a Skyline GT-R. It's unofficial what this Bugatti Veyron is based on, but by looking at the door and general shape of the chassis I'd say it's a Nissan Z car. Possibly a 370z, but more likely a 350z due to time frame, this Bugatti replica could actually be tuned to be a 200+ mph vehicle if properly built.
To build something like this, all the panels must be created from scratch. We're talking at least 1,000 hours of fiberglass work alone for a project like this. To customize each panel, it's a very tedious task. Make a panel, see how it fits, make a few changes; repeat. Over and over again until each panel meshes with the vehicle and appears correct to the Bugatti Veyron form. As you can see, this is no overnight project which makes the 350Z a much more probably chassis. This replica really isn't too bad, it's kind of like the retarded brother of the Veyron. Looks similar, but is slow.

Video content: Fail! Bugatti Veyron replica

Check out the following Bugatti Veyron footage!
Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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