Ride along with 'Team Orange' during drift event!

Riding inside of a drift car gives us the perspective of the driver during a drifting competition. Thanks to Kumakubo Team Orange for this footage, we get to see exactly what it is like to ride inside of an Impreza built for drifting. We can see just how close and precise the driving must be in order for a successful drift. Drifting is harder than it looks! Manipulating the vehicle to do exactly what you want while on the border of lost control is an art. A balance between trajectory and throttle combined with managing a corner direction all comes together for failure or perfection. There is no half way point with drifting, you are either successful or you fail.

The WRX used is very well built and examples of this can be seen through out the drive. Extremely tight and precise, the suspension and chassis are brought together in a firm fashion to offer the maximum amount of feel and control. The driver can tell more about the vehicle when it is tight as opposed to a loose OEM setup. The OEM setup features too much sway which renders the vehicle unpredictable. Common upgrades for a drifting setup Impreza include sway bars, lowered suspension, tower braces, various chassis bracing, upgraded end links, and beefed up gears. Power mods will be needed as well to help break loose all four wheels instantly upon demand.

Drifting an all-wheel drive vehicle is slightly easier than a rear wheel drive because it is more predictable. There is a very slim chance of the rear end sliding out from behind the vehicle thanks to all wheels pulling in the same direction. The ability to manage the AWD system helps drifters maintain a more entertaining drift for a longer duration. All four tires smoking and the car sliding, all-wheel drive drifting is a sight of pleasure! Enjoy this following ride along footage of the Kumakubo Team Orange drifting footage!

Video content: Ride inside a drift car

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