Riding with Arabic street racers

The streets of Saudi Arabia are open, smooth, and just begging for supercar action. Thanks to the open vast deserts, these supercars are able to host street racing events during broad daylight, without fear of prosecution or danger from unsuspecting motorists. Using only the most elite vehicles of our time, this group of Saudi Arabian street racers opens up the throttle and let's their beasts breathe freely in the desert air. When it comes to a racing paradise, Saudi Arabia is unmatched due to the lack of road saturation. Tired of the traffic we have in the USA? Move to Saudi Arabia!

These guys have got it made, wide open lanes and a pocket book deep enough for the most exotic sports cars, they have full reign and ability to just let her rip at anytime they please. Capturing the footage from above the road on various overpasses, they can record from a safe distance while friends open up the exotic thrill and create unparalleled web footage. Lamborghini, Audi, Porsche, Corvette, and Ferrari have all been heard ripping through top gears at wide open throttle as they blast through the deserts of SA. Not only is SA the safe haven for street racing, it is also where the crazy "saudi drift" sport was invented.

Not only the super rich can enjoy the vast roads and pleasures of automotive tuning. Several independent tuners use ingenuity to gain performance, and in most cases are worlds faster than their rich counterparts. Contrary to belief, automotive performance exists outside of the United States borders and thrives in countries such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, India, and more. Enjoy the following glimpse into the exotic racing world of Saudi Arabia!

Video content: Saudi Arabia's supercars run wild

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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