Saudi drifters take over highway for two-wheeling

It's been a long time since a decent Arabic based crusade on the interstate swept the internet. The amount of driving skill and automotive performance located throughout the Arab speaking countries, middle east, and south east Asia are truly amazing. The latest video to be released shows a Toyota pick up truck and another vehicle disrupting the flow of traffic on an interstate outside of Dubai. These are not sports cars, but the skills possessed by the driver are to be admired.One vehicle stops traffic and does donuts, while the other sits sideways on two wheel swerving across all lanes of traffic.

Is this chaos or art? One must appreciate the skill it takes for the two wheeler to hold balance for such a great distance. The other guy, he's looking like a total clown out there. Any idiot with half a brain can do a donut, that dude sucks but it is funny to watch. It's total chaos, guys are hanging out of windows cheering, trucks are burning tires, and cars are sideways. How much cooler can it get?

What's missing from this film and the collection of well known names such as Saudi Drift and Erhabe? We need to see some more high speed exotic action. I'd personally like to see a Bugatti Veyron jump, even if just a foot off the ground that would be amazing. I know you guys can do it, so let's see it! If not jump it, let's see one tackle the sand dunes? For now, we'll just enjoy this chaotic clip of anarchy with fullest intent to "not do this at home".

Video content: Saudi drift and Arab two wheel the interstate
What Really Happens On Dubai Motorways

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