Street racing Ferrari takes out bulldozer

Sometimes owning a Ferrari just goes to your head. Evidently, that is the problem with this Ferrari owner who smashes his Italian stallion into a van and bulldozer. Flying through the streets and hitting corners too fast, the driver miscalculates approach and instant failure occurs. As if hitting a van isn't enough, smashing into a bulldozer to finish the job is icing on the cake. Thousands of dollars worth of damage later, everyone is okay; except the Ferrari.

A Ferrari is meant to be driven in a respectful manner on the road and hard on the track. A classic example of why to keep it on the track, this Ferrari owner will never forget the day he plowed into a bulldozer. Unfortunately, neither will his insurance company. How do you explain this one to your agent? "Um, I hit a bulldozer because I was speeding around a corner." That will not fly and I'm sure he was also cited a ticket to prove his just cause. Speeding around in a Ferrari is fun, but sometimes shift happens. This is a classic case of letting the ownership of a Ferrari go to your head!

Video content: Ferrari crashes into bulldozer
Ferrari driver crashes into a car and bulldozer

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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