Tanner Foust's famous 'Street Drift: Mulholland'

The latest attempt at a viral movie involved drifting legend Tanner Foust performing his stunts in a street drifting video named "Mulholland". This video shows Tanner drifting through a shut down road in the mountains, sliding and drifting only inches from sheer cliff faces. Sponsored by a slew of big names, the internet opinion of this video is that it could have done better. Some feel the camera angles are sloppy, and that he was only drifting to create smoke and not attacking the angles that viewers desire. Some comments posted even state this was a direct attempt by the marketing department to try and run on the coattails of internet legend Ken Block!Discuss this article with CarDomain.com

Regardless of Ken's success, we can't compare every drifting video to Gymkhana. Take a look at this video and pay special attention to the difficulty presented. Tanner did an amazing job drifting through these corners, even if the goal was to make as much smoke as possible; he still did a great job. Nay-sayers will always be on the web, but we don't see them making videos, now do we? The majority of negative comments are forgetting some vital aspects of this drift that make it difficult. For example, using the short wheel base Scion paired with the high output TRD motor with 600 horsepower is going to be difficult to control. The short wheel base once pushed past the limit has a very difficult chance of recovery, and thus the true spectacle of this video.

Who is Tanner Foust? In case you don't know who he is, let me bring you up to date. Tanner Foust is a stunt and race car driver with a background in broadcasting. Originally appearing on the American version of Top Gear, Tanner also hosted a various array of other popular motorsports shows. Contracted as a stunt driver for Dukes of Hazzard and The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift, his talents can only be surpassed by his will to succeed. With championships under his belt like the 2007 and 2008 Formula D, and the X Games XIII rally racing event, the future is bright for this avid motorsports star. Mention his name to anyone in the drifting scene, and you're bound to get a positive response. Enjoy the following clip of Tanner ripping up the streets of a closed mountain road!

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