1000 hp jet-powered 'Porta Potty' races helicopter

This is by far the most wacky and unusual "sports car" I have ever seen. I call it a sports car because it totes an amazing 1,000 horsepower and a top speed of 70 miles per hour. Anything boasting high power numbers like that is a sports car in my book. Despite it's square shape and extremely odd title, the jet powered toilet is an amazing feat of engineering. Think of all the heat generated by using a jet engine in a closed space such as a port-o-potty. Shooting flames out of the roof stack, this jet powered john is the most funny and unique racing build out there.

We've all thought about building one of these at least once. Maybe it's just me, but wouldn't it be great to sit down on the toilet and be able to traverse the surface of the planet at 70 miles per hour while toting 1,000 brake horsepower via a jet engine? That is too cool! The problem is how do we possibly assemble such a device? To sum up the build, a jet powered toilet is a very basic device. Assuming that the jet pressure is used to turn a turbine that is mechanically attached to the drive wheels, one could assemble a toilet like this on a very minimal budget.

Using a backyard turbo jet, all you really need is a propane tank, ignition device, and an old turbo out of a vehicle. The propane is used as a propellant gas to turn the turbine which pressurizes the air. This pressurized exhaust gas goes through some more tubing that feeds the drive axle turbine, but this is a rare and most systems rely on pure thrust generated out the back of the system. If relying on the thrust energy to turn an axle, the axle turbine catches the pressure and converts it into mechanical energy used to propel the vehicle. Only limited by the amount of thrust generated, this type of setup could be used to power a vast array of vehicles and is not just limited to the jet powered toilet.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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