Cavalier crashes, flips, and burns

During a heated race at Sears point, a Cavalier lost control and crashed into the wall. Flipping over after impact, the vehicle caught on fire and started to burn. The driver exited the vehicle just in time before the flames started to consume the vehicle. This happens all the time during amateur racing events, and one of the main reasons they have safety requirements. Sure a roll cage is expensive, but if you really want to race your car let this video be an obvious reason why you need one. If there was not roll cage installed in this vehicle, devastation could have occurred. Watching the footage you can see that the vehicle is totally supported by the crash cage while it's upside down.

So what really happened here? Watching the footage we can see that the competing vehicles were very close knit, and it's safe to assume someone "bumped" the Cavalier in the wrong spot. At these speeds, all it takes is a little nudge on either corner of the bumper to send a vehicle flying out of control. Whether it was intentional or a mistake, we'll probably never know. Don't count out the driver of the Cavalier just yet, because he might be just as responsible. There is also a slim chance the driver of the Cavalier could have cut off another driver, and made that following car unintentionally tap the back corner. Rubbing is racing, and if you enter your car into a track race like this, be mentally prepared to wreck it.

Video content: Cavalier crash and burn

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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