Acura Integra wrecked in Jamaica

During a brief race against a Mitsubishi Evo, two Jamaican street racers wrecked thanks to a rainy road and too much throttle through a corner. Slamming into the cement barrier, the Acura Integra was launched into the bushes. Both drivers escaped unharmed, but it just goes to show you how fast an accident can occur. Front wheel drive cars are decent on dry pavement, but try and take them through a corner on a wet road at the same time as you are accelerating is just asking for trouble. There is only so much friction available for turning and accelerating, you need to pick one or the other or face certain doom.

This isn't the first time an Integra has been wrecked, and it surely won't be the last (see related articles below for more Integra wrecks!). Front wheel drive vehicles are great for straight line racing, as the majority of the vehicles weight is directly above the drive wheels. Circuit style racing with a front wheel drive vehicle can be done too, but it takes a special driving method of balancing acceleration with turning traction. Blipping the throttle and letting the front wheels dig into the corner momentarily is the proper way to take a high speed corner with a FWD vehicle. Try racing a front wheel drive vehicle on wet roads, and you are just asking for trouble. Notice the Evo drives past them without any sign of damage or harm? That is the beauty of all-wheel drive!

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 Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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