Nurburgring racing tips

Thanks to the commentary from professional Nurburgring and Porsche works driver Sascha Maassen, we get to see just exactly what it takes to navigate the Nurburgring north loop at optimal speed. While watching this video, pay special attention to what Sascha says about entry speed, when to brake, and more. We've seen a lot of Nurburgring videos, but this one is by far worth the most. The information held within this video can take a regular driver and turn them into a pro - if they are behind the wheel of a Porsche GT3 or other vehicle of comparable layout and speed.

More Nurburgring footage!

Nurburgring is one of those tracks that you must take seriously if you intend on surviving a high speed attempt. Trying to land the infamous seven minute lap without guidance or laps upon laps of practice will surely mean disaster. If it is your first try at Nurburgring, it is suggested you ride along with the fully autonomous hands-free BMW Nurburgring trainer vehicle so you can get a good feel for the track. Then, start with a slower vehicle and work your way up. If you just jump into a Ferrari and expect to pull a seven minute lap your first time around, you will wreck; no questions asked. Take a good look at this instructional video, watch all the Nurburgring footage within this column, and prepare yourself properly for Nurburgring. There is a reason why they call it the ring of death.

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