Old woman street races with Volkswagen

Street racing is most typically thought to be done by youth, or males between the ages of 16 to 35. However, thanks to the most recent advertising campaign by Volkswagen, we get to see that not only youth participates in this taboo sport; but the elderly do as well! The woman shown in this video is probably in her middle to late 70's, and she rips up and beats on the car just like a professional stunt driver. Street racing, jumping over bridges, drifting through corners, and sliding into the curb during a parallel park attempt is how this granny gets down. Blue hairs in the slow lane? Not this one!

Of course this is just a commercial, and she didn't really drive it that hard. However, being that I live in Florida, I'm right in the mix of what I like to call "the Depends 500". You should see how this old geezers drive! I've seen them blast through stop lights, cut people off, fly through parking lots, and tear down the interstate at what appears to be 90+ mph. Sure, most of them are holding up traffic and leave their blinker on for a few miles; but then there are those who push the limits. This one goes out to the old folks keeping it real!

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner


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