150 mph Enzo almost takes out motorcycle!

The Ferrari Enzo is one of the most highly respected sports cars to ever grace the surface of the earth. With a stout price tag of a cool $1m, the sports car enthusiast's most highly esteemed goal is to own an Enzo. The Enzo is fast, but it's not the speed that makes the Enzo most desired. Sure it's true that a well tuned JDM vehicle can kill one of these high dollar exotics, but it's just not the same. You can't pull up to the country club in a beefed up four banger and expect the same results as one would achieve in an Enzo. Owning a Ferrari Enzo is all about political clout first, speed second. Discuss this article with CarDomain.com

The following video shows a Ferrari Enzo ripping through a curvy public canyon road. This Enzo driver fails in many respects to the Ferrari cult, as he breaks almost all rules of being a real Ferrari owner. First rule, don't sacrifice a vehicle like an Enzo for a web video. This guy crosses over the lines and is ripping at mind blowing speeds through a residential area. Not only could he wipe out and kill the most highly appreciated exotic, he could kill innocent bystanders. As you'll see below, he almost takes out a motorcyclist; my point exactly.

Aside from the negative connotations of street racing one of the most appreciated vehicles of mankind with a ruthless demeanor, the following video does have some positive aspects. For one, we get to see an Enzo perform in real life situations. Should one want to go pedal to the metal through a tight canyon road, the Enzo has the suspension, power, and braking capability to safely traverse any course aspired. So sit back, and enjoy a very rare ride through the canyon curves at 150 miles per hour via Ferrari Enzo!

Video content: Ferrari Enzo street races 150 mph through canyon

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 Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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