Two ricer idiots crash in parking lot

During a lame parking lot show of ricerdom, two ricers fail as they crash into each other in a vacant parking lot. The worst part of this fail is that the parking lot is huge and there is really no reason other than idiocy that these two ricers crash into each other. I typically don't like the term ricer, because I feel it is used and abused towards all JDM vehicles. There is a distinct difference between a ricer and a real tuner, and these guys totally fall into the ricer category. Who does this stuff anyways? I mean seriously, look at these idiots! These guys are the reason for tuners getting a bad name. There is a total difference between tuners and ricers, and these guys are the text book definition of failed rice.

I feel what they are trying to do is a messed up version of a tandem drift, and even that's a stretch. These guys obviously have no idea of the proper way to use that parking lot. Look at all the paved opportunity just beckoning for use, and these guys totally fail even given the world's opportunity. I'm honestly embarrassed to even publish these clowns, but let's have some fun with their failed folly.

First of all, their feeble attempts at doing donuts really just looks like a circus show with clowns driving in circles. I'm just waiting for Barnum and Bailey to pop out of the corner with elephants dressed appropriately. Secondly, what kind of cars are these dudes using? They barely have enough power to turn the wheels let alone roast rubber. You know if you have to turn to do a burnout, you are a total ricer. E-brake donuts, not cool dude. And then to top this display of failed rice they have a grand finale of twisted metal and a trip to the hospital, only to find our their "pride and joy" has been destroyed. I say good, get that junk off that road! You did the world a favor when you t-boned your accomplice of failed crusade.

Video content: Ricer fail, two ricers crash into each other

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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