Logistics FAIL: Porsche Carrera GT falls off ramps

The idea of loading a vehicle onto a trailer is to prevent unwanted damage from the normal wear and tear of public roadway miles during transportation. The key ingredient to this equation is to keep the Porsche safe, but sometimes the best laid plans can go airy. The following owner of  Porsche Carrera GT has enough money to buy the Porsche, but not enough to buy an adequate loading system for his trailer. While loading the Porsche onto the trailer, he fails to use the proper technique and causes catastrophic damage to the under body and frame of the highly regarded German sports car.

This little mistake can turn costly in the flash of a second. Any damage to this highly regarded vehicle will cause quick depreciation, even if it is repaired. Once an exotic has been wrecked or damaged to the point of repair, an average value loss of 50% takes place. People don't want a damaged vehicle, especially when it's a high performance exotic. If there is damage to the vehicle, then chances are it's been raced or abused. Who knows what else will go wrong in the future! Buyers will avoid these vehicles like the plague.

Watching the video, there are many obvious reasons why this guy fails at righteous Porsche ownership. First of all, when loading an expensive exotic vehicle onto a trailer one should not use wooden planks as the transition medium. If you have enough money for an exotic vehicle, buy a trailer with real ramps. Secondly, if you don't know how to load a vehicle onto a trailer leave it up to the professionals. Never stop the vehicle midway up the ramps! If you do happen to stop, let the vehicle roll back onto the loading surface and try again. Non-adherence to this key element of vehicle loading can only result in failure as seen below.

Video content: Porsche Carrera GT loading failure

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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