1969 Camaro with 1750 horsepower

Breaking the dyno charts at nearly two thousand horsepower, this 1969 twin turbo Camaro built by Nelson Racing Engines is the king of all 1969 Camaros. Streetwise and a complete track monster in a very unique package, this Camaro delivers the punch and rumble all hardcore muscle car fans love. Stainless steel and chrome engulf the engine bay with a statement of pure domination. There is truly no other vehicle like this on the face of the planet. Some builders can build power, and others looks. It is rare to find both extreme power and stunning looks in a daily driven package. Nelson Racing Engines delivers with the 1750 horsepower 1969 Camaro!

A quick ride in this car and you can see the skill Nelson Racing Engines uses to create a power monster that can be tamefully driven. It's not easy to create a high power engine that can also be driven around the block in a calm manner. Heat issues, lurching, and gearing are all problems that high power vehicles encounter. This 1969 Camaro is as track friendly as it is street legal! A drag strip king and a streetwise contender make this vehicle very unique. Dipping through traffic with a low chug, enjoy the following footage of a 1750 horsepower 1969 Camaro!

Video content: 1750 horsepower 1969 Camaro

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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