Radical SR4 'pwns Tsukuba lap record

First we saw how the Radical SR8 shattered records at Nurburgring pulling in less than a seven minute lap. This is unheard of! Now we get a chance to see the smaller Radical SR4 take a quick lap around Tsukuba. Tsukuba is the home of many JDM battles, but in this race we only get to see the Radical SR4. Other vehicles on the track would just be in the way, and not even considered competition. The mind blowing acceleration produced by the Radical SR4 is witnessed through the corner domination. Keeping a swift speed through out the entire lap, Radical's SR4 brings in a 59.40 second lap time! Say good bye to another lap record at a world renown track.

In just under one minute, the Radical car company claims yet another track record under it's belt. Where will they stop? Is there any track it cannot dominate? According to FastestLaps.com, the previous Tsukuba track record was held by a Nissan Nismo R34 Z-tune at 1:01.15 set in 2004. The UK car company is quickly catching the eye of many enthusiasts as this budget race car kills lap records around the world. The Radical SR4 isn't the fastest one either! They make another vehicle, the Radical SR8 and SR8LM. Move over world records, Radical is here to shatter you.

Believe it or not, this is a street legal production vehicle. Equipped with turn signals, emissions equipment, and more this vehicle is considered production and legal. Radical has been making vehicles since 1997. Founded by engineers and drivers Mick Hyde and Phil Abbott, Radical has been focused on producing F1 quality vehicles at production street legal price. Most of their cars are street legal, but they still enjoy making the full race version SR9 Le Mans prototype. This is the mother of all Radicals competing in the 24 hour Le Mans proving the reliability of the manufacturer. Radical is here to stay, and they will continue to shatter records around the world. Who is next? Learn more about Radical here.

Video content: Radical SR4 at Tsukuba

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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