Drunk driver wrecks Ferrari in Bosnia

In the world of drunk driving, no matter what car you crash you're still an idiot. This guy is the king of idiots, because he not only got behind the wheel of a Ferrari drunk, he proceeded to crash it into someones front yard. Speeding through the streets of Brcko, Bosnia in drunken rage, the Ferrari quickly sped out of control courtesy of the liquor express. Booze and fast cars just don't mix. Sure it seems fun at first due to the amazement of the power, but inevitably failure will occur. Ferrari's can be a tough vehicle to drive quickly even with the sharpest skills, let alone inebriated from the likes of hard liquor. After control was lost, there was only one place to go; flipping into a yard.

When you drink and drive, you're basically signing yourself up for an epic failure. Sure you might get away with it your entire life, but it only takes a split second to change that infamous spree of drunken mobility. Getting behind the wheel of a high powered vehicle under the influence of alcohol is sacrilegious to the world of sports car enthusiasts; you just don't do it. Why spend thousands of dollars on a dream vehicle if you're just going to wreck it? It makes no sense to me, but the majority of top dollar vehicles are actually driven under the influence at one point or another. Have some respect for yourself, the lives of others, and the heritage of your exotic vehicle. Ferrari's and alcohol do not mix!

Video content: Drunk driver crashes Ferrari

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