Mercury Capri goes swimming

Proof that not all cars are created equal, this classic model Mercury Capri decides to go swimming while floating through some flood waters. Using it's flip-flop headlights emulating the breast stroke, the Capri actually floats as it attempts a brief swim in the disgusting water. If you're asking yourself how this is possible, there is a logical answer to your inquisition. The Mercury Capri was equipped with an alarm system that flips the headlights up and down, and thus the truth behind this swimming car is revealed. Discuss this article with

When the water entered the vehicle, chances are it shorted out the alarm and caused the "swimming" motion to commence. Cars really can't swim, but this parody video pokes fun at the idea that it really can happen. Sure we have floating cars, cars that drive underwater, etc. However, this Mercury Capri is just your standard run of the mill vehicle that just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But the question still arises, how could this thing possibly float?

As it turns out, the Mercury Capri despite it's manufacturers stigma of being slow was actually a decent performance vehicle for it's time. The base model featured a somewhat slower 100 horsepower 1.6 liter dual cam four cylinder engine, but the XR2 model came with a turbocharged variant featuring 132 horsepower mated to either a four speed automatic or five speed manual transmission. Weighing only 2,400 pounds, the Capri XR2 was actually considered a sports car of it's time. With it's ultra-light weight chassis and motor, it's easy to see how the Capri could in effect "float" on water.

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