Electric powered Corvette ZR1 parody

Even though it's just a joke, the idea of an electric Corvette isn't exactly a bad idea. We've all seen the problems that have occurred with fully electric vehicles in GM's past, but with their progress on the Volt and Herbert Garrison inspired Puma things are looking up. This electric Corvette ZR1 spoof film makes fun of EV's in ways that will green friends in half with envy. Imagine, a green car that would actually make the automotive enthusiast happy! All of the green cars out today are total doosh transports, what we need is an EV that doesn't scream "I work for the Geek Squad".

Luckily, there are actually a few EV's that resemble a sporty appearance. The Dodge Circuit for example, resembles a Dodge Viper but yet on a smaller Lotus chassis. Then there's always the renown Tesla Roadster, which has mind blowing acceleration but questionable top end. EV's aren't perfect, but they are getting better. Personally, I think the fun begins around 100 mph, and most EV's seem to drop off drastically at these speeds. There still aren't any EV's that can hang with a real ZR1, but this will happen as soon as the battery technology improves within the next couple of years.

Video content: Electric powered Corvette ZR1 parody

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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