Ford Thunderbolt quarter mile world record shattered!

The fastest Ford Thunderbolt in the world is currently held by Phil Featherston with a 9.23 second quarter mile run at 151 miles per hour! An amazing statement of craftsmanship and the will to succeed, Phil's Ford Thunderbolt shattered the previous unofficial record. Pulling up to the stage tires ripping, anyone in the audience can tell that this Ford has a mighty appetite for world records.

The race tree lights up, and he's off! The world record run starts out with an amazing launch, followed by perfect shifting to take the quarter mile time by storm. Nearly blowing the digits off the clock, the Ford Thunderbolt set a new world record for it's vehicle by running a stunning quarter mile time of only 9.23 seconds! That is an extremely quick time for such a large and heavy vehicle. Typical vehicles of this speed are stripped out with fiberglass body and light weight carbon fiber parts.

It appears as if this Thunderbolt is all muscle and still is making use of many OEM attributes. Original bumpers, headlights, tail lights, and chrome trim is heavy stuff! To run a nine second quarter mile with all of this extra weight speaks highly of the builders ability to generate massive power. Great job Phil Featherston, your Ford Thunderbolt is very fast!

Video content: Ford Thunderbolt quarter mile world record

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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