History of the BMW 328

BMW has an extensive history of racing performance in Europe and continues to progress as a competitor to this day. The first well known racer, the BMW 328 astounded audiences at Nurburgring. As reported in the early magazine Motor und Sport, "Incredible what Henne gets out of his new two liter! What an amazing acceleration! He rockets along the straight and into the bends, sweeping around the curves..." This early depiction of BMW race strategy can still be seen today. A combination of high speed and great handling is instilled in current BMW products.

What made this BMW 328 so much better than the other competition? Extreme light weight chassis combined with a unique BMW style valve timing allowed the nimble vehicle to accelerate and handle better than any other vehicle of it's class. With a top speed of 150 km/h (93.21 mph), not many vehicles of it's day could keep up with the sporty roadster. Powered by a modified 326 engine, the BMW 328 cranks out 80 horsepower! A very high number for such a light vehicle only weighing 1760 pounds, the BMW 328 was an instant hit amongst racers and sporting enthusiasts.

This is where it all started, the days of BMW classical history. The next time you see a BMW, recognize the racing heritage it has built within. BMW is more than just a brand name, company, or logo. BMW is a style of life that is enveloped into a vehicle of sporting performance, luxury, and prestige. When you purchase a BMW vehicle you are getting more than just a car. Owners receive the benefit of owning one of Europe's greatest sports cars. To this day, BMW still carries on the racing heritage in all of it's vehicles.

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