Onboard footage of Caterham R500 at Nurburgring

Take a ride on the wild side in this Caterham R500 as it races around the Nurburgring track! An open air, long nosed vehicle resembling a F1 vehicle but only taller, the Caterham R500 is a mix between vintage British racing and modern performance. Caterham sports cars are based in Caterham, Surrey, England and have been produced since originally launched in 1968 by Colin Chapman. Through out it's short history, the Caterham vehicle has been stuck in limbo like controversy between ownership, design, and pricing.

A tug of war between Lotus and Caterham split the vehicle between he Lotus and Caterham logos. Several early Lotus designs are identical to the modern Caterham style. Not until modern times did Caterham completely succeed from Lotus and it's spider web of constraints. In 2000, they released the Caterham S3 to fit larger drivers. Followed by the Caterham CSR in 2006 which is based on the larger S3 but featuring more of a racing style setup, this is where Caterham started to make it's mark on the modern automotive market. Pushing it out of museums and on to the race track, we get to watch the latest of Caterham's creation the R500 nimbly wisp through the cambers, corners, and hills of Nurburgring.

Caterham R500 specifications:
  • 2.0 four cylinder DOHC engine
  • 263 hp @ 8500 RPM
  • 177 tq @ 7200 RPM
  • 1116 lb. curb weight
  • Manufactured by Ford
Video content: Caterham R500 Nurburgring

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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