Subaru Impreza WRX STi Trax

Ken Block has another mechanical creation just released upon the world. First the viral Gymkhana footage, his latest jump footage at Concord Pond rally, and now this awesome Trax STi snowmobile car! Featuring all-wheel drive tank treads, this Subaru Impreza WRX STi can tackle snow like the best set of ski's. Sitting up about three feet higher than normal, this is one mean Impreza. Snow tracks on vehicles aren't anything new, but it sure is something to see it on Ken Block's STi!

Ripping through snow drifts, if Santa Clause drove a Subaru this would be it. Modified treads made especially for the Impreza making use of it's symmetrical all-wheel drive system is a killer combination for snow time fun! Will they be made available to purchase? Yes! Learn more here.

Video content: Ken Block's collection of toys at SEMA 2009
Ken Blocks Subaru's on Tracks with 4 Person Sled

By using the wheels as the main drive for the treads, it would be fairly simple to rig up a system to reproduce this for your Impreza if you do not want to purchase them. Installation would be as easy as rim installation. Be sure to realize you have a higher center of gravity though, and to take it easy on the sharp corners. It appears as if this vehicle handles more like a sled than a car!

The snow treads could be possible used in sand and extreme off road conditions as well. Sand and snow have  very similar properties and these treads could be offered to those of use who use Subaru's in the sand too! I know if I had them I'd put them to good use and not get stuck as often. This looks like a very fun and capable vehicle thanks to the inventors over at! Great job, keep up the good work. Your web videos continue to amaze the world by storm. It looks like we can expect more great footage of this Trax STi sometime next fall. Until 2010, enjoy!

Video content: Ken Block's Trax STi snowmobile car

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