Jaguar C-X75 jet car

If you were wondering where Jaguar has been these past few years, they've been developing the C-X75 jet powered electric vehicle. Combining the use of micro gas turbines and an electric motor at each wheel, the Jaguar C-X75 can yield a 900 kilometer (559 miles) range and a zero to sixty two mile per hour time of just 3.2 seconds! With a chassis that weighs only 2,970 pounds, the Jaguar C-X75 jet car uses it's lightweight properties and 96 horsepower gas turbine engines to convert mechanical energy into electric energy. After being stored in a lithium ion battery pack, the energy is distributed to the electric motors at the wheels for a total of 778 horsepower and an amazing 1,180 foot pounds of torque. Read that number again, one thousand one hundred and eighty foot pounds of torque. Oh my god!

I've reviewed several electric vehicles and this one is by far going to take the cake. You can't even compare the Tesla Roadster to the Jaguar C-X75, nor could the Citroen Survolt EV even tempt this powerful pussycat. Why can't we compare these vehicles? The Tesla Roadster has a horrible top end as compared here, and doesn't even resemble a sports car after 80 miles per hour. The Citroen Survolt is close, but with a top speed of only 165 miles per hour and a range of just 124 miles with a two hour recharge time, owners of the Survolt will spend more time charging than driving. That's where the beauty of the Jaguar C-X75 jet car begins, and it only gets sweeter; but with a twist.

Take a look on the inside of this vehicle, and you'll nearly soil yourself. Surrounded by chrome and luxury, the micro gas turbines sit only a few feet behind the driver and passenger to create the ultimate driving experience. This sounds great and all, but aren't we worried about catching debris in the impeller? As stated to be able to feel the jet pull air around the occupants, I would think this is some sort of safety issue. Very cool, but you'll have to suit up before riding in this car.

What's to happen should one of those insanely high RPM turbines break loose? Have you ever seen a jet engine explode? It's chaos in every direction, and those few feet between the occupants and the turbines isn't going to be suffice. Look at it like this; a 5 gram turbine blade spinning at 100,000 RPM's (average for micro gas turbines) will create about 25,000 pounds of force should it break loose. This is a very cool concept, and I hope they work all the safety issues out so we can have this beast on the streets. I seriously doubt this will ever make it to market, but it sure is nice to dream.

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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