Nissan GT-R owner goes 'kamikaze' while street racing

During what appears to be the victorious lead of an intense street race, this Nissan GT-R owner takes it to the next level by going "kamikaze" and taking out six cars at once! After he blasts through the parked cars, the GT-R just keeps on going. Flipping over the innocent and taking the lead, this is surely no way to win a street race.

Watching the footage, we get the opportunity to see the wreck from two angles. From the front, we can see the GT-R swerve around traffic, lose control, blast into several parked cars, and then keep on going for the gold. From the second point of view, all we get to see is the remains of what was once a peacefully set of parked cars. Why would someone do this?

The GT-R is one of those cars that just breeds crazy. The insane amount of acceleration, sure-footed handling, and instant braking capabilities of the world's fastest supercar leads drivers to believe they are invincible and can do whatever they want. Sure the GT-R is an incredible beast, but who knew it had the blast-through stamina of a WWII panzer fleet! Even thought he passenger side of the GT-R is obliterated, it just keeps going.

Video content: Nissan GT-R owner goes 'kamikaze' while street racing

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