Riced-out BMW with light up wheels

First there was the fart can, then vinyls, shortly followed by a host of universal bolt-on parts that would leave every ricer begging for more. What is the latest ricer automotive trend? It's not the fake NOS bottles, electric supercharger, or fake BOV's - it is a little thing called "light up wheels".

Standing out of a crowd is getting harder and harder these days, so thus we have the creation of light up wheels. By using LED technology,  these wheels are able to emit a constant glow which looks somewhat cool but yet lame at the same time. Honestly, I don't know why on earth someone would want to do this to their car; but whatever!

What will come next? Will we see full LED body panels, colored tires (not just black), or maybe exhaust that smells sweet? Oh wait, the latter is already out there. Yes, they have "aroma" for your exhaust that is suppose to make exhaust smell like coconuts, vanilla, or cherry. My personal favorite so far is the fake electronic BOV; priceless! The world of ricing is vast and perplex, something I would rather not waste brainpower on trying to understand. Like they say, "different strokes for different folks." I'll keep my money invested in parts that actually make the car go fast - not just look fast.

Video content: Newest ricer gear 'LED' wheels that light up!

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