Street racing FAIL: 400 hp WRX vs. boat-car

I'm not usually one to write about my own videos, but this video is just outright strange and deserves all the attention it can get. I was driving down a road in "Mexico" when I came across a boat driving down the street. WTF? Just like you think I would, I did; and street raced in what is the most unusual scenario ever. I pulled up next to him, he waved me on, and at the next light we had a go!

At that precise moment, underground history was made. Never before has a "boat car" been recorded on video street racing, let alone against a vehicle of such automotive prowess. Me in my 400 horsepower WRX, him in his god knows what power boat car commenced a dance of boost vs. boat resulting in an epic slaughter of magnificent proportions. First gear he held in, but I didn't even boost yet; which to me was pretty impressive considering what he was driving.

Once I hit second, I went WOT and the race was over just as quick as it started. Of course there is no way on earth a boat car can keep up with a stripped out rally car at 20 + PSI but it was damn funny to watch it try. So although this goes against the grain of what is considered to be fair competition, here is a video of me street racing in my 400 horsepower WRX against a boat car in "Mexico". Enjoy!

Video content: 400 hp WRX street races 'boat car'

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