Mustang on 22's, donuts, and gunfire

What does a Mustang on 22's, donuts, and gunfire all have in common? It is all part of this insane hoonage clip straight from the hood! Performed by "Cobra Cartel", it doesn't get any crazier than doing donuts, blocking traffic, and letting off a couple of rounds. Are they serious? If you really want to attract attention of police, this is the way to do it.

This is one of those clips that just makes you go, "wow - this is the world we live in." It is hard to see, but if you look and listen close enough at 1:24 you can see a gun quickly appear out of the side of the car, aimed upwards, and fired! When it comes to gangster hoonage, this clip totally takes the pie. Out of all the clips I've dug through in the past couple years as a journalist, I have never seen something so wild as this following clip. Don't be surprised if it shows up "removed" by YouTube because it is that gangsta-rific.

Video content: Mustang on 22's, donuts, and gunfire

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