Fiat 500 drives upside down through loop

When it comes to the ultimate driving stunt, nothing is more impressive than driving upside down. Whether it be through a loop, tunnel, or pipe, driving in this manner takes a lot of preparation from both the driver and the engineering team. No matter which obstacle you choose, it must be carefully built to exact specifications or dire consequences may arise. Beyond the obstacle, a carefully chosen vehicle must also be engineered and prepped.

What are the forces at play? When driving upside down, you've got to make sure that you have planned enough g-forces from the loop action to exceed the force of gravity trying to pull the car back to earth. If a car weighs 1,000 pounds, you must generate twice that in order to stay safely suspended. Speed, angle of the obstacle, and the weight of the vehicle must all be taken into careful consideration.

This isn't the first time a car has been driven upside down, and it surely won't be the last. Previously, Mercedes-Benz used CGI to animate their SLS AMG roadster driving in a barrel roll type obstacle through a tunnel. Gumpert has made the statement that their vehicles create enough down force from aerodynamics that even without the added centrifugal force of a loop they could drive upside down. No matter where you get your force from, driving upside down can only accomplished by exceed the earth's gravitational pull with opposing force. Fall short of the goal, and you will surely suffer!

Video content: Fiat 500 drives upside down through loop

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