Peugeot 104 with BMW 325 engine swap and massive turbo

A literal rocket thanks to all-wheel drive and a BMW 325 turbo swap, this Peugeot 104 is a performance monster hiding out somewhere in Lebanon. Stripped down to reduce weight as much as possible, this Peugeot 104 with BMW 325 turbo swap features no windows, doors, or bonnet! Special thanks to Mozo Racing for bringing this video to our attention. Built by Garo Haroutiounian, pure performance for all out speed and launch, this vehicle custom built to his specifications for maximum gains. The huge turbo can be seen sitting nicely on top of the engine, breathing in fresh air for maximum gains. Running literally on the brink of destruction for most, the 325 BMW turbo engine swap can take punishment.

Running 1200 horsepower at 43 psi (3 bar omg), it is powered by an electric generator turbo. Changing the differential each time it is raced, it literally destroys itself with each pass. There is no exhaust on this car, only a 15 cm straight pipe that goes upwards! Launching at max RPM with NOS sparked by MSD ignition, this vehicle can kill a Yamaha R1 as seen in the video. Similar to 325 BMW swaps performed, this light weight Peugeot 104 can contend with even the likes of high performance motorcycles, exotics, and rally cars. Seen mopping up the streets of Lebanon and decimating all competition at track meets, this is one sick build. It is very fast, light weight, and packed full of ingenuity that only a true enthusiast can appreciate. It may not be full of curb appeal, but it sure packs a performance punch!

Performance builders in Lebanon have exceptional skills when it comes to building vehicles. They don't have the luxury we have here stateside of having unlimited access to parts and builders. These guys must build it themselves, and if they don't have the part it must be made. They can order parts but it is very costly, so most builders fabricate what they need on their own. Kudos to the builders in the Lebanon, you guys are doing a good job over there! Keep up the good work and awesome custom fabrication. 

Video content: Peugeot 104 with BMW 325 turbo swap

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Source: Tampa Sports Car Examiner

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