Classic '59 Cadillac and '50 Buick spit insane fireballs!

There's nothing better than a hot rod that spits fire, and this classic '59 Caddy is the mack daddy of them all! Custom built for the sole purpose of creating massive fireballs, this is by far the largest hot rod flamethrower kit I have ever seen. If you want a car that's "hot", this is your ride!

How did they do it? If you look closely at the exhaust system, you'll see that towards the rear resides two large cavities for housing fumes. It is unknown how this particular setup functions, but it is safe to say that an auxiliary fuel supply is being used. Dumping massive amounts of fuel into the chambers, all it takes is a quick blip of the throttle for additional oxygen to be introduced to the fuel source and you've got yourself an instant flambe le Caddy.

Imagine driving down the road behind this guy and him setting off the system. The front of your car could would transform into a molten pile of what used to be. Watching closely, this fireball system is so massive it even creates a mushroom cloud effect after each large burst. Somebody call the fire department, this Caddy is too hot!

Video content: Classic '59 Cadillac spits insane fireball!

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