Win or FAIL? '88 Corvette Ferrari replica

Do you think this replica Ferrari is a win or fail? Built on the obvious 1988 Corvette chassis, this Ferrari replica features 20 inch chrome wheels, some crappy Ferrari-esque body kit, and an LS1 swap. In my opinion, the best thing about this car is the LS1 swap. Back in 1988, Corvette was not exactly the fastest kid on the block. No, they were more like the fat kid who just lost 30 lbs. on a Jenny Craig diet that thinks he's quick. While I love the Corvette, the 80's C4 Corvette was not a speed demon.

Taking a look at this replica, I can't help but to notice a few things. What exactly was the owner trying to accomplish? A Corvette with a Ferrari body kit; is it a Ferrari replica or just a riced out Corvette suffering from the owner's bad taste? From the back and side it looks like a Ferrari kit car, but from the front it looks like a Corvette. What exactly is going on here?

I'm guessing this was originally intended to be a Ferrari repli-car but the owner ran out of financing or will power to continue. Stopping halfway through the build, what we get is a plate of sloppy secondhand with that nasty microwaved aftertaste. Can you taste it? It is either that or you just puked a little bit in your mouth. I'm not sure exactly how to classify this car, so I'll leave that up to you. Post your comments in the "remark" section below!

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