Electric powered 'hemp car' coming soon!

Back in 1941, Henry Ford created a vehicle made of hemp resin and fibers that was cheaper to produce, weighed less, and had a near zero environmental impact thanks to the use of naturally derived resources from the marijuana plant. That dream was soon to be crushed by aggressive anti-marijuana laws, which forced manufacturers to look to other resources such as steel. Thanks to marijuana reformation, the hemp car is now fully possible and a company named Motive Industries out of Canada is stepping up to the plate to take advantage of the change in policy.

Known simply as the "Kestrel", this new EV is said to have a range of 100 miles and a top speed of about 60 miles per hour. With the ability to seat four adults comfortably, the Kestrel is said to be going under testing right now, fall of 2011. Should the Kestrel prove to be roadworthy, we may just see Henry Ford's dream of a car derived from hemp come true!

Why the name Kestrel? The following excerpt from the Motive Industries blog explains that, "The name Kestrel is taken from the small falcon, which influenced much of the exterior. It’s a compact, stout vehicle just as the Falcon is a highly capable small bird of prey. The headlight buckets are inspired by the darting eyes and other features like the rear spoiler and roof depression are also inspired by the Kestrels tail feathers."

What do you think about a car made of hemp? Is this something you would drive? For greenies and budget savvy motorists alike, driving a vehicle that is resilient and eco-friendly can be a pretty tough to find. Current hybrids and EV's are priced out of the range of those who would actually use it to save much needed money. Could the Motive Kestrel be the savior vehicle we've all been waiting for? Because the majority of the materials used in the vehicle are grown in a field and only require sunlight energy to be created, the Motive Kestrel just may be the first affordable electric vehicle to hit the automotive market.

For more information about Motive Industries and the Kestrel hemp car, please visit http://www.MotiveIND.com

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