BMW M6 suicide street race through traffic

What does it take to earn the title of "suicide racer"? Complete disregard for common sense, safety, and the law! This suicide racer pushes the limit in Moscow as he blasts through traffic at speeds of over 100 miles per hour. At one point, he even smashes into the barrier on an exit ramp but just keeps on going. This is insanity!

If we look beyond the obvious stupidity of such a task, we can actually begin to appreciate the driver's skill and the advanced performance capabilities of the BMW M6. Built to withstand the most hardcore punishment, all BMW engines are known around the world as "bulletproof". In other words, you can drive the piss out of them and they will just keep on going. Boost? Nitrous? No problem! A stock BMW motor can take it all with ease.

Enjoy the following clip as this suicide racer rocks out to big hair band music and rips through traffic! Cutting lanes, dipping on cars, and blasting through traffic; this has got to be one of the most intense BMW street racing clips on the web today.

Video content: BMW M6 suicide street race through traffic

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