Corvette FAIL: C6 Corvette on 26's

Warning! True Corvette enthusiast rants ahead! Spotted on the freeway stunting on 26 inch rims, this custom green C6 Corvette totally takes the pie for customized donk sports cars. Painted "antifreeze" green with matching interior, this custom car is a dedication piece for Eugene and Scrap as noted on the headrests. How do the rims affect performance? Greatly! Take a look at the interstate launch at :33, it is pathetic. I've seen a city bus take off quicker than this poor Corvette. If you listen close enough, you can hear the Corvette crying for help. Poor little fellar, he was just a boy!

From the performance perspective, this car is a total flop. Looking at it from a custom viewpoint, it is actually pretty nice. The paint looks clean, the interior matches, the audio system appears to be done correctly, etc. All in all, it really isn't that bad if this is your thing. For the Corvette enthusiast, this car (if you can call it that) is a total FAIL.

Why do something like this to a Corvette? Why not pick an older box donk, an SUV, or even a sedan? It is all about shock value. Most people have probably never seen a Corvette on 26 inch rims nor do they care to. If I had my way, we would burn this abomination of the Corvette culture to the ground, scrap the metal, and slap the owner in the face for being a distasteful idiot. That being said, I appreciate the time and effort that was put into this, but how dare you molest the god "Corvette"! I actually like the donk style but this thing is just hideous dude. WTF were you thinking? "Let's paint it baby s**t green and put 26's on it! Yeah! I'm cool now."

Video content: Corvette FAIL: C6 Corvette on 26's

After watching this video, I think I just puked in my mouth. Gross!

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  1. Wow, the author of this was hating the fact he cant afford and will never own a Corvette or rims, of any size, that he wasted time writing this instead of just getting his money up to buy whatever car he likes and doing what3ever the hell he wants to do with it. Nobody hated on Kanye and Jay-z when they took a chopsaw and a blow torch to a 1.4 million dollar maybach just for the fun of it...